IPC@CHIP Initialization - SC12 @CHIP-RTOS V1.10

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Programmable I/O Pins

At turn-on the IPC@Chip I/O pins are configured as follows:

    Pin1: RXD0/PIO7 = RXD0
    Pin2: TXD0/PIO8 = TXD0
    Pin3: CTS0/PIO9 = Input pullup
    Pin4: RTS0/PIO10 = Input pullup
    Pin5: TXD1/PIO11 = TXD1
    Pin6: RXD1/PIO12 = RXD1
    Pin7: TMROUT0/INT0/PIO13 = Input pulldown
    Pin17: RESET/PFAIL/LILED = Input
    Pin24: ALE/PCS0 = Output, value 1
    Pin25: CTS1/PCS2/PIO6/INT2 = Input pullup
    Pin26: RTS1/PCS3/PIO5/INT4 = Input pullup
    Pin27: PCS1/PIO4/TMRIN0/A0 = Input pullup
    Pin28: PCS5/PIO3/TMROUT1/TMRIN1/A1 = Input pullup
    Pin29: PCS6/PIO2/A2 = Input pullup
    Pin30: I2CDAT/INT5/PIO1 = Input
    Pin31: I2CCLK/INT6/PIO0 = Input

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