Scalable @CHIP-RTOS variants for the SC12 IPC@CHIP

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@CHIP-RTOS for the IPC@CHIP is provided by 6 official variants with a different set of included features. The variants with their provided features and the available RAM and Flash memory sizes are listed at the tables below. It is also possible to ask for special variants with other combinations of required @CHIP-RTOS features. Please contact support@beck-ipc.com.

1. SC12Vxxxx_TINY.hex
2 .SC12Vxxxx_SMALL.hex
3 .SC12Vxxxx_MEDIUM.hex
4. SC12Vxxxx_LARGE.hex
5 .SC12Vxxxx_MEDIUM_PPP.hex
6. SC12Vxxxx_LARGE_PPP.hex

  Tiny Small Medium Medium PPP Large Large PPP

RTOS kernel x x x x x x
Serial port fossil driver x x x x x x
RTOS filesystem x x x x x x
Ext Disk   x x x x
XMODEM filetransfer x x x x x x
TCP/IP Ethernet driver  x x x x x
TCP/IP PPP Client/server      x   x
Ethernet packet interface x x x x x x
TCP/IP protocol stack  x x x x x
I2C x x x x x x
Software SPI xxx x x x
Hardware API x x x x x x
CFG server  x x x x x
Webserver      x x
FTP server   x x x x
Telnet server   x x x x

Please note:
The additional features of the @CHIP-RTOS (TFTP server, SNMP MIB support, Webfile upload,...) are not a part of the 6 official @CHIP-RTOS variants. Customers can ask for a special variant which includes the required @CHIP-RTOS features.
Each @CHIP-RTOS variant with TCPIP protocol stack includes a DHCP client. It is possible to order a @CHIP-RTOS variant without DHCP.

The IPC@Chip offers 512kB RAM and 512kB Flash disk.
Here are the sizes of available RAM and flash disk for the different variants of the current @CHIP-RTOS version

  Available RAM(kBytes) Available Flash memory(kBytes)

Tiny 463396
Small 364287
Medium 358256
Medium_PPP 354209
Large 333232
Large_PPP 329186

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